My Portfolio


ladybird web Ladybird

I went on a photography course at the

Lincoln School of Photography for my 10th

birthday and took this picture in the Raised

Gardens in Lincoln.




This picture was also taken in the

Raised Gardens. 







stone web Black pebble

This was on the beach at

Gibraltar Point.





catkins web


During a walk at Ings Wood,

I saw these catkins and had

to take a picture of them!




yellow flower webYellow Flower

I took this picture at the

Gosberton Flower Festival in 2012.





pebbles web


This was taken on the beach at

Gibraltar Point, Skegness.





audi webAudi R8 model

This is a model of the racing car

my Dad used to work on at

Ricardo plc.




footpath web Footpath sign

I took this while visiting my Uncle

down in Kent.





grass webRaindrops on grass

I was walking the dogs in the woods when

I noticed how the raindrops were

sitting on the blades of grass.




 Treestrees web

These are trees in Ings Wood.  I liked the

shape of them.






sea webSea

This was also taken at my Uncle’s –

it is Kingsdown beach in Kent

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