Skegness competition


Competition entry 1

Skegness Offshore Lifeboat

 Here is the photograph that won! I love the

lifeboat and with the sun coming through the

clouds and the ride in the background, it was a

good portrait of Skegness.



Competition entry

Skegness Inshore Lifeboat  

I liked this image because of the lifeboat

man’s face and the spray of the water,

just before they landed on the beach. 



The Jolly FishermanJolly Fisherman web   

This is the Jolly Fisherman, which is the

mascot of Skegness.  I took him this way,

because there are a lot of buildings behind

him, which aren’t very attractive!



Skegness PierCompetition entry

The Herring Gulls were sitting quietly until

Dad chased them away, so I could get this

picture!  I was awarded a Highly

Commended by the judges for this picture. 



Lifeguards web    Skegness Lifeguards

I took this picture from the sanddunes.  The

truck and the quadbike were just in the right

place and the sky was perfect.

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